Entry: PARIS RIOTS Dec 6, 2005

i had this dream last night that is obviously connected to the recent paris riots going on. i was at work and it was early evening. a bunch of us were looking out the window of our office, and it was complete mayhem outside -- i guess it was college street. a bunch of kids were standing on a bus and others were beside the bus and they were rocking it back and forth to get it to tip over. It was crazy, people were yelling and this massive bus was tilting back and forth and all these kids were on top of it and then suddenly after this one big push it fell on its side. All the kids who were on the bus slid off and fell to the ground and got crushed by the bus, and all the kids who were rocking the bus from the side got crushed by the bus. I kept thinking how stupid they were not to consider this major consequence of their actions. i called kerri on my cellphone and told her what happened. i went outside to check it out and it was a crazy scene. There were looters everywhere and gangs fighting and going completely mental. I was just trying to walk home, and i kept having to get out of the way on the sidewalk because there was always something going on with some kids. At one point i was walking past a mechanics shop or something, and a bunch of kids had taken it over and were weilding broom sticks and this action spilled out onto the sidewalk and road. They met with another group of kids who also had broomsticks and regular sticks and they started in on this broomstick fight, which i was caught in the middle of. i remember feeling scared that i was gonna get hit or beat up, but somehow i managed to push my way through and dodge the sticks. i called kerri again on my cellphone and told her about that whole scene. then i continued walking home and eventually the craziness died down and i was in a calmer, residential area. i may have even decided to take a taxi the rest of the way, but i can't remember...


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