Entry: The MacLaren Clan VS McDonalds Oct 10, 2005

So my surname Lawrence is a bastardization of the Scottish surname MacLaren -- drop off the mac part and you get Laren, then through the centuries I guess it morphed into Lawrence. So I have Scottish ancestry flowing through my blood.

Anyway, my parents went to Scotland in the 80s and brought me back a bunch of stuff connected to the MacLaren clan -- a scarf with the MacLaren tartan pattern, the MacLaren shield, for example. I thought that was pretty cool that my family name has a real old history. And just last week I went to this Scottish Clan website to see if there are any cool Braveheart type stories associated with the MacLarens, and sure enough there were some really wicked stories of feuding and triumph and all sorts of crazy shit. One story told of how, at one point, the MacLarens yielded such power in their community that other people wouldn't enter the local church until the MacLarens had all entered. Pretty neat, pretty neat. Pretty cool, pretty cool.

But the weirdest story had to do with a clash between the MacLarens and the massive McDonald clan:

According to the custom of the time the MacLaurins had made a foray on the lands of the MacDonalds in Lochaber. On their way home, driving a great spoil of cattle, they were overtaken in Glen Urchy by the wrathful MacDonalds, and the spoil recaptured.

Pretty hilarious that a clan called McDonalds takes our fucking cattle. Even hundreds of years ago Mayor McCheese and Quarter Pounder McGee (who weighed a lot more than his name would imply...) were intent on destroying the livelihood of the independent entrepeneur. If that battle hadn't occured, it's entirely possible that we'd be eating MacLaren burgers today, and I would be one rich motherfucker.


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