Entry: Barbi Benton is Hee-Haw-larious Jul 11, 2005

Remember her? She was a regular cast member of Hee Haw in the early 70s (that show was fucking awesome). I think since then she's appeared sporadically in lame slasher flicks. Anyway, dig this quote of hers:

"I believe that mink are raised for being turned into fur coats and if we didn't wear fur coats those little animals would never have been born. So is it better not to have been born or to have lived for a year or two to have been turned into a fur coat? I don't know."

A human being came up with that retarded philosophical conundrum. Let us pray...


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May 26, 2012   05:59 AM PDT
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October 13, 2005   06:16 PM PDT
Wasn't she Hugh Hefner's first wife?
August 3, 2005   10:46 PM PDT
hey, i have an inherited beaver fur coat that is really cool...but i feel a bit guilty wearing it...but is it better to just throw it away or destroy it? that would mean those beavers died in vain. instead of for MY vanity...hmm. hey tim, feel free to make a garment out of my skin and hair after i die. a blow up doll maybe? OK, now i am grossing myself out.
July 11, 2005   05:00 PM PDT
OMDoggg that takes the mink cape award! LOL

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