Entry: SMELL YOUR OWN NOSE! Jul 7, 2005

Years ago I was walking the streets of Osaka with my friend Chris Pegg (who, incidentally, has just moved to fucking Chiang Mai Thailand with his fiancee holy shit). Anyhoo, he was telling me this story about how one time he kept smelling this strange smell everywhere he went. The smell never went away, so he started washing his hands frequently. And the damn smell was still there. Did all the stuff we'd all do, right? Check your shoes, smell and/or wash your clothes, take a shower, whatever. Fucking smell was still there. And then he realised (I have no idea how), that what he'd been smelling all along was the smell of his own nose. Do you understand me? He was smelling the inside of his nose. And I gotta tell ya, ever since he told me that story, I've been smelling my nose all the fucking time. Today, in fact, it's been driving me el kanutso.


sam marjeram
April 25, 2008   08:27 AM PDT
don't mind my illustrations being used so long as people come see more:

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