Entry: Waxing Poetic on Luba & Juice Newton Jan 26, 2005


Tim: hey got a bunch more tunes last night. I think we're at 1.2 hours or

something. the only songs that have proven difficult to locate are:

manhunt, that Luba track, any dalbello stuff, Melissa Manchester.


Peter: too bad about Luba, I am craving a little "picture I cry, oh I cry" right f'ng

now.  nobody has a greatest hits of Melissa Manchester out there? jeez

louoise!!! you got me on a "manhunt" right now!!!


Tim: I love that Luba track too but we may be bust on that one...that track is so wicked it's a

cheesy girl ballad but it's got balls man...heavy balls. that one followed

by angel of the morning would make my head explode. curtains

drawn, light a bunch of candles, simulate rain by standing in the

shower...stereo cranked real high. Thatís after-school special material.


Peter: "Every time I see your picture I cry" followed by "Angel of the morning"? 

That's a one-two punch you just donít walk away from.  I'm gettin chills just

thinking about those tunes.  Whoa...thatís the kind of thing you do to

yourself after Jeffrey dumped you at the mall and you threw his Zeller's

gold chain at him in a fit of rage.  I want to wrap myself up in a cashmere

blanket and hold myself tight as Luba and the Juice confirm my misery. 

Sometimes it feels real good to feel real bad, you know?  lets you know that

Youíre alive.......


you got to get that Luba track, man. I donít know if I can hold on without



Tim: I know man, I know...but it's gonna be all right. we'll be stroking the flames liggidy splitz. Iíll find that shit. I think we may have tapped onto some secret love code or something with those two tracks back to back like that. it's like the quintessential expression of youthful emotion.


you captured the energy and power evoked from those tracks perfectly in that last email of yours.


Peter: "Every time I read that email I cry......."


Damn, that Luba tune is blasting in my head right now, and Tim, you are

right, we really got to the heart of the matter yesterday about it.  Its

like what you said: "Itís a cheesy chic ballad...but its got balls!"  Damn

rights.  Bigger balls than most men or macho tunes that I have ever had the

pleasure to have come across in my life. (wait, forget that "pleasure",

"come across" thing) anyways, we all get the idea.  that little (yep,

Ukrainian) girl can belt them out, and if you put her on the right song,

with the right producer, at the right time of life, well.....lets just call

it what is:




I'll dig high and low to find that track.  Because you canít put a price on

magic, not in this lifetime.


Peter (changing my last name to 'Kowalchuck') Dowhaniuk


May 27, 2005   07:32 PM PDT
This is just...you know...one man's opinion...but, umm...you guys should follow those up with "We Belong". I mean :

We belong to the light
We belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words
Weíve both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace
For worse or for better
We belong, we belong
We belong together

Come on.

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