Entry: So Anyways, This Blew My Mind Jan 7, 2005

I'm training a woman at my office named Joanne Shimakawa, and she happened to mention that her hobby is building scale models of furniture and home items for dollhouses. She also makes scale models of Japanese food. This came up when I was asking the trainees the typical "So, what were you doing before you joined our company?", and you get a lot of stock responses such as traveling, going to school, etc. So when Joanne mentioned this dollhouse furniture thing, I was a little surprised to hear that she's involved in such an uncommon, possibly dying pastime. Anyway, later in the day she showed me her website, and I was completely blown away when I saw some of the furniture she makes. And THEN she showed me the tiny Japanese bento boxes and sushi plates.

Are you fucking ready for some samples, gang?

Here ya go.

And here ya go again.

Can you believe that shit? There are little tiny objects on the little tiny shelf. Come on! She even made a little tiny goddamn plant on the little tiny endtable!! I haven't even touched on the sofa, have I? You understand what I'm talking about here. And the bento box looks like a photograph of a real bento box! She's even got the tempura looking like real tempura! The woman has an incredible talent, and I suggest you check out her site if this stuff at all interests you: Joanne's site.

I'm not a big fan of dollhouses or dollhouse accessories, and my sisters never had a dollhouse when they were kids. But I am a huge fan of talented people.


January 9, 2005   07:06 PM PST
To have a talent like that. She must have good eyes or a big magnifying glass! :)
January 8, 2005   09:20 PM PST
lil bow wow has no talent, he just happened to have connections with people in the business...
January 8, 2005   10:11 AM PST
Well spoken, sir... I indeed am considered a connoiseur of peopled talent, particularily writers for Warner Brothers situational comedies and Lil' Bow Wow.

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