Entry: Park Your Shoes Under My Bed Dec 31, 2004

My nephew Justin got the BC Rich Signature Series Flying V Electric Guitar.

My nephew Dustin got a Fender Squire bass and Fender amp.

My nephew Michael got this freaky looking clear, transparent XBox.

My neice Sarah got an arcade size air hockey table.

I got a scarf, Boggle, Wild at Heart dvd, some lottery tickets and a book.

One funny story about the holidays: my one nephew who got the custom gibson flying V guitar, and my other nephew who got the fender bass and amp had a rockin' christmas, obviously. we were sitting in the living room having coffee and snacks and these guys were blasting out sabbath and ac/dc riffs at top volume. at first we didn't mind/notice that much I guess, since me and Kerri and my brother and Cindy were talking and eating and drinking while strains of "War Pigs" and "74 Jailbreak" were being repeated (note: for 14 and 15 year olds, I was pretty amazed at their knowledge of classic metal, actually. Nice to see the lads are taking it to the source). It was a pretty weird sight: big Christmas tree all decked out, Christmas trinkets all over the place, carpet riddled with wrapping paper and opened gifts, older folk sitting on couches and chairs nibbling on shortbreads, and two high school students in baggy clothes and wicked bedheads jamming away in the middle of it all. Any sort of facsimile could not have done the image justice (even my description of the incident). Finally, after maybe a full 30 minutes, Cindy told them to take the band practice downstairs.

Kerri and I also watched a dynamite episode of Lawrence Welk on Christmas night. It was on an American feed of PBS. Repeat of a Christmas show from 1980, and Lawrence had all the people in his orchestra bring their families on the show. They all took turns singing Christmas carols, and some of them even played instruments. One of the families consisted of the guy who plays the keys in the orchestra with his wife, who played the Christmas bells, his daughter who played a xylophone, and his 16 year old son who played guitar. They played "Jingle Bell Rock", because - as the father mentioned - the son's rock n roll influence won over. Dad hits the "Rock" button on his organ and away they go. It had all the high school variety show amateur-ish feel that we've come to know and love on Welk's show, but it was also very pleasant and unbelievably wholesome to watch. There were so many other memorable performances that night. The drummer had his 3 year old son with him, and the son had his own tiny drumkit, while his 8 year old daughter did this cute little Solid Gold sorta dance. You would never ever see a program like this made in the current tv scheme. Just wouldn't happen. At one point, this guitarist who looks kinda like Englebert Humperdinck was singing a song with his wife, and Kerri's 85 year old grandma chimed in: "Oh I like this guy. He can park his shoes under my bed any day".

Happy New Year, everyone.


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