Entry: The woman has magical powers...That's it! Nov 29, 2004

Saturday afternoon I was walking on Bloor Street, picking up a few items. At one point I was crossing a side street and I slowed down as I approached the street. Maybe there was a car coming. Two women who were walking directly behind me turned to go down the side street, but one of the women bumped into me as she turned. I said sorry, and this is what she said: "I'm sorry, Tim". I've never met this woman. She is/was a total stranger to me. And yet I am 99.9999% sure she said my name. If she didn't say my name, she said something after "I'm sorry" that began with the letters t and i.


January 9, 2005   07:10 PM PST
That's hilarious!
December 9, 2004   11:08 PM PST
I was wondering if maybe she called you a 'Tit'? You never know. Could sound like 'Tim' and some people are rude like that.
December 1, 2004   09:17 AM PST
she sort of looked like an overweight Annie Lennox.
November 29, 2004   10:57 PM PST
You missed an important Detail... Was she cute

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