Entry: Sin City & Dan & I Chatting Nov 25, 2004

This is probably all over the net but holy shit what a wicked trailer:


All thanks to Dan for setting me up with the co-ordinates for that gem.

ME: Yeah, it's like that time Raiders of the Lost Ark came to the theatre in the Soo when I was a kid. My sister went with me. I would've been 11 i guess and she was 14 or 15. The film was rated 14A, so my sister could get in, but I couldn't. I was so bummed out. I'll be sure to bring my ID when Sin City comes out, boy.

DAN:  Word. I saw Bladerunner in the theatre for my birthday with my Dad and a friend when it came out. I liked it at the time, but not as much as I could appreciate it years later. Decker wasn't like the Indy and Han I knew.

Sin City seems to have that cheesey dialogue that comic nerds are notorious for writing, but it kind of works for the film noir style they're going for.

I really hope the movie is good, because it looks to be promising. Shades of Tarantino too.

Man, Jessica Alba is hot.... Virtually every woman in the trailer looks hot hot hot.

Just got your phone call this a.m. I must have been out to getting ice cream when you called. Yep,, ass creem.

ME: when did star wars come out? 1978? i think so, because i remember it ws summer and my family was at a friend's cottage just north of the soo, and my dad wanted to take me to see star wars. we were having a wicked time at the cottage, playing on the raft and eating weiners and smoking seaweed and stuff, but in the evening my dad and i drove into the city to see it, and i remember completely loving how awesome and huge everything was.

the first time i saw a two page movie ad in the newspaper was when poltergeist came out. it was in the saturday star (my dad subscribed to the toronto star), and they had this massive two page ad for it. it was a grainy black and white shot of the neighborhood where the movie took place. too cool.

DAN: Star Wars came out May 25, 1977. They always come out three years apart, third week of May or so. You can do the math. Final one is due out this May. Can't wait, even thought parts of it will undoubtedly suck.

Smoking weiners and eating seaweed?

ME: yeah we used to hang out at my godparents cottage in Haviland Bay, and all us kids would have a bonfire at night while the parents were on the patio or inside the cottage getting drunk. anyways, we'd gather up a bunch of dried seaweed, you know the long thin stuff? stick one end into the fire and you could smoke it, 'cause the inside of the seaweed was porous. we got a kick out of that.

DAN: I had neighbours across the street- a girl and three boys of varying age named the LaPrairies. Think about what it rhymes with. The two older boys used to answer the front door wearing their mother's clothes. The youngest one, Doug, my age stuck a meat thermometer up his ass one day and wanted me to do the same. I declined. The father accidentally ran over my tricycle.

I had another neighbour named Mr.Crow. Maybe I told you about him. He was a civil engineer who contracted malaria in Africa and slowly went nuts. He ripped the backseat out of his pinto and had no furniture in his house. He bought tons of porno mags which he piled around his house. He didn't pay for heat, so he just had space heaters. He freaked out when kids stepped on his lawn, on dares and drove around in his car, rolling down the window and squirted what we heard was javex and water at us. Maybe it wasn't, but he did this to me and my friends a bunch of times. It's weird to think now that no parent ever did anything about this. The space heaters and riff raff in his house started a fire one night that burned his place down. A fireman gave me and my friends a porno mag that he found in the rubble the next day.

I have other kooky growing up stories I'll tell you sometime. I'm sure you have lots more too.

ME: LaPrairies - the fairies? gay paree? am i close?

that mr crow story is hilarious. you've told me that before and it's nuts. i'm off today and tomorrow. been downloading songs and doing laundry.

DAN: downloading laundry and washing songs? Clever rabbit.

You must be from the future.

note from tim: i can't get these fonts right. i've selected Arial size 10, but as you can see it's all fucked up. what a jip.



November 27, 2004   06:05 PM PST
I too cannot wait to see vader again It makes me want to play with my lightsaber (the plastic one)

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