Entry: A Total Rip Off Jun 24, 2004

My friend Rick had some interesting things to say about the recent cancellation of all the Lollapalooza shows. The Toronto shows were set for August 5th and 6th, at a downtown concert venue called the Molson Amphitheatre.

"I don't know. I still hold the opinion that if they hadn't booked into a venue that sounds and feels like everyone's dad's surround sound tee-vee room and they had dropped it into a field somewhere and crammed it all into a one day event, then I wouldn't have cared what the price was. I would have gone. As it stands, the cost of a ticket is a good down payment on a surround system and you can wait for the video and miss nothing but the weather and the ten hours sitting on Lakeshore waiting to give someone $75 to put your car on a little square of concrete. Of course, this is just my opinion, but to revive a festival that I was totally loyal to back in the day and turn it into a yuppie love in against everything that it was built upon in the first place so that House Of Blues can increase their margins by booking it downtown and charging more for admission seems a bit counter intuitive. I'm not heart broken in the least."

The organisers have completely lost sight of what made the Lollapalooza shows of the 90s so wicked. It's a total drag, because a bunch of us here were really looking forward to seeing the bands. The lineup was amazing, especially the first day. Anyways...

Man oh man.
Goldeneye was on CTV last week, and I caught the first 20 minutes or so of it.
Opening sequence (get this): James Bond runs out of some kind of massive military compound located in the snow-peaked, rocky mountains in Siberia (presumably like a million miles above sea level). A large garrison of soldiers chases after him, shooting as they run (with all their thorough military training, they still manage to miss their target on every single shot). James Bond continues to run away from them, and it is revealed that he is running down an runway, toward a moving single engine airplane. He manages to get to the door of the plane, wrenches it open and pulls the pilot from the plane. Both pilot and James Bond are hurled to the ground, rolling on the tarmac. James Bond gets up and continues to run toward the plane. Along the way, he jumps on a motorbike and speeds toward the plane, which is somehow picking up speed on the runway. The airplane reaches the end of the runway and falls off the edge of a cliff. So does James Bond, on the motorbike. Now both airplane and James Bond are free-falling toward the incredibly rocky terrain of mountainous Siberia. James Bond manages to pick up amazing speed as he hurtles toward earth, so much so that he successfully reaches the door to the plane and climbs in. The plane is aimed directly at the ground, travelling god knows how fast. James Bond grabs the steering stick of the plane and pulls! pulls! pulls with all his might and SUCCESSGFULLY RIGHTS THE PLANE AT THE EXACT MOMENT IT IS ABOUT TO SMASH INTO THE MOUNTAINS (this is why i think the military compound was a million miles above sea level). James Bond escapes the evil Siberian military, or whoever those guys are.
Title sequence: too unbelievably sad and painful too describe, though I'll try. It sort of resembles a souped-up PowerPoint presentation prepared by stoned monkeys.


August 6, 2004   04:22 PM PDT
I swear...you plainwhiteroom folks get the BEST comments...
June 25, 2004   09:06 PM PDT
The tallest mountain in the world is in the hollywood set
June 25, 2004   06:53 PM PDT
Boa noite, moro no Brasil e estava lendo teu blog.
Desculpe fazer isso com sei idioma. Entre no meu blog para nos comunicarmos...Bom final de semana...Beijos!

Good night, I live in Brazil and was reading yours blog. It forgives to make this with I know language. Blog enters in mine stops in them communicating... Good end of week... Kisses!
June 25, 2004   05:15 PM PDT
Man! R.J. Irkman... you are tooooooooooo funny! When are you coming to town again? I miss your completely off-base sense of humour...
June 25, 2004   12:43 PM PDT
i think i was like, 7, when that group was popular, dude.
get with the program - you know what a power point presentation is, right?
go watch the movie and get back to us with a real comment.
R.J. Irkman
June 24, 2004   11:10 PM PDT
"It sort of resembles a souped-up PowerPoint presentation prepared by stoned monkeys."

AH YES! I remember that group well. It was the 60's and I was stoned. No, really. I was stoned by some hippy religious group. Anyway - the Stoned Monkeys were the rage. They had Hit Songs like, "The Last Stain in Clarksville", "I'm a Beaver Cleaver", "I Just Step and Moan" and my personal favorite, "Peasant Rally Monday".

GAWD THOSE WERE THE DAYS! <sighs> remember the Motto of the 60's..., Crap. There was no motto. But if there was it would've been, "ITS THE 60's BABY! GET ME THE HELL OUTTA HERE!"

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