Entry: Hungry Like The Wolf May 16, 2004


The following excerpt is culled from the Harlequin Romance novel Jungle Hospital, written by Juliet Shore and published in 1961:


“I was gonna ask him if I might feel my way around today, but if he’s determined to be stuffy, I’ll jolly well just show up and blow him”.


Does anybody know what that means? Especially the “blow him” part.


January 27, 2005   09:14 PM PST
in australia older generations use "blow" as a substitute for swearing... eg "oh blow i just hit my hand with a hammer..." lol
i don't know if that makes that sentence make any more sense though!
Mikey Morpeth
May 22, 2004   11:39 AM PDT
I think it's what you think. Have you ever a read a Globe and Mail from the 1800's? They left nothing out.. We're just censored wimps now. :)
May 17, 2004   11:14 AM PDT
no fair, some tired guy. you read the book.
some tired guy...
May 16, 2004   11:30 PM PDT
Well... it could mean that the (female?) individuals peaking feels alienated at a place of work and wishes for some sort of guidance. However, the person in command sees himself as the leader of the pack, or the type of guy not willing to "lower himself" to help those less capable then he is... So, she plan on showing him up the next opportunity she gets and perhaps thinks of doing better than he can, just to show that she isn't as ignorant as she is perceived to be...

Or... that just be a sexual connotation too...

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