Entry: The Sting/Phil Collins Alliance Mar 15, 2004

The cycle is complete now. The world is in a perfect state of balance.

Sting and Phil Collins presented an award together at the oscars this year. 

Two individuals start out in the same general geographical location (ie the UK).

They decide to try their luck with music, forming the bands Genesis and the Police.

Each band successfully breaks into the U.S. market.

The success of each band allows Phil and Sting to sever ties with their musical counterparts.

They begin massively successful solo careers that eclipse their former bands.

They eventually start churning out soundtrack songs for Disney cartoons. 

The cycle is complete with appearance of Sting and Phil Collins on stage at the 2004 Academy Awards.

It's too freaky to go unnoticed.


November 26, 2004   07:03 PM PST
these men r soooooo hot! check out mine

ps you may have to ruddle through a few pages
March 16, 2004   06:14 PM PST
how about their attempts at acting? phil was in that buster movie, and sting was in a bunch of weird movies, starting with quadrophenia. the bottom line is, it didn't work out for either of them. and interestingly enough, they appeared TOGETHER in 1982's secret policeman's other ball. its a concert film, but nevertheless...
March 15, 2004   03:31 PM PST
the one and onlydave
March 15, 2004   01:11 PM PST
have you noticed Phil Collins looks a little like a frog in that picture?

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